LPG Cylinders!

We have experienced technicians who can install new gas cylinder connections in residential and

commercial locations. We also distribute the accessories required for successfully connecting a

new cylinder to the stove/machines.

(1) LPG cylinders come in 3 sizes: 25LBS, 50LBS and 100LBS.

->25 Lbs: Mostly used by small families and a few commercial/industrial customers.

->50 Lbs: Used mostly in villas, restaurants/hotels and industrial customers.

->100Lbs: Used for heavy cooking in big hotels, restaurants and labour camps. Also used by big


· (2) LPG regulators that sit on top of the gas cylinders also come in three sizes:

 -> 30 mBar Regulator (Low Pressure)

 ->90 mBar Regulator (Medium Pressure)

 ->2 Bar Regulator (High Pressure)

· (3) LPG Hose: We provide special hose for the LPG that connects the cylinder with your stove.

· (4) Clips and Other accessories are also supplied by us.


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