Handling & Use General Advice

Handling & Use-General Advise • Do not drop cylinders off vehicles or platforms, as damage to cylinders and valves can be caused which are expensive to repair. • Don't change or store bottles in the presence of naked flame. • Trace leaks using liquid detergent solution, NEVER a naked flame. • Check hoses regularly. Ensure properly secured with hose clips. If hoses are damaged or showing signs of wear, call Tarish Gas immediately to have them replaced. • In the unlikely event that you suspect or detect a leak of LPG, you should (i) Turn off the regulator on the cylinder and turn off the appliance, IF safe to do so. (ii) Don't ignite a flame and extinguish any cigarettes. (iii) Open all doors and windows if the leak is inside a property. If the cylinder can be safely moved without risking your own safety move any cylinders outside. (iv) Call Tarish Gas • In case of fire, you should: (i) Immediately raise the fire alarm and call the fire brigade on 997, make sure you advise them that an LPG cylinder is situated at the premises. (ii) Turn off the regulator on the cylinder if this can be done without risking your own safety. (iii) Remove everyone to a safe distance from the area.


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